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What is the best way to day trade with only a few hundred dollars?

The best way is to look at your sentence, and think, like really think for a second. What is your most valuable asset on this earth? Eh? Its time. Tick Tock.

An hour of your time is precious. Very precious.

Doing research on an investment idea, which might take days, perhaps gets you 5% return. On $500, that is very little. You are pissing away valuable time of your life. Not wise.

When you have little capital to invest, still working permanently will allow to increase that buffer by quite a bit. Perhaps you manage to save $10k in a year. That year after, you finally start trading. 5% of your invested capital suddenly seems much better.

You yield a great return, a return on time.

As a result, your return on capital has increased.

If you have little money, bite the bullet. Show a bit of discipline. Work, save money, start investing. Starting with peanuts and breadcrumbs is not worth your time.

Eventually, you work and invest. Every month, you drop $1k in your trading account; and keep on trading. This is how you expand.

Eventually that 5% becomes larger and larger, and the yield on “time spend for monotous work in an office” has reduced and return on stocks, futures and derivatives have surpassed that level of slavery work. At that point, you can reduce your work hours, take it easier.

Eventually that 5% per year yields that annual salary you had to work for.

At this point you swim in money, which simply means you should continue work. Yes, continue. Don't retire. Don't quit. Money in an corporate environment means that you have the one thing your bosses kept over your head, salary. You can take much more risks as you don't mind getting fired. Taking more risk at work can really pay off.

You don't really do the political correct nonsense anymore, so your overall level of utilization in an office is far higher than in your early 20s. Plus, you work less, so you can trade in the office while doing perm work. Double the cash flow.

That is by far the best trajectory to remain sane.

Starting your early twenties with a few hundred bucks looking at the below, is wasting your life.

If i invest $1.5m in Apple stock, on a single day. And that day Tim Cook rips a fart, the stock ended at 2.5% positive. A flurry. Nothing more. That is nearly $40k in a single day.

Many people have to work a full year for that.

All I required was some flatulence.

Patience pays off. In case you worry about losing a year in trading, because of work. That's nonsense and you know it. It is a year of paper trading, reading, reading and more reading.

investment opportunities are always abundant. At the height of a bull market, at the bottom of a bear market. No difference.

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