How Will You Make Money with Us?

Updated: Sep 20

Shewutrade is one of the leading day trade providers, offering pro trader instruction, trading capital, top order flow and clearing technology to support our partners trading with confidence and profits.

pro trader instruction

As a successful trading provider, with our professional training and accurate calculation in the market, we have produced so many millionaire traders and helped the ones who are interested in the stock market and to bring their career to the next level.

trading capital

We are the one to provide the trading capital to make sure your risk is minimized to the lowest possible. Depending on the skill you have, we will also increase the initial capital as well!

top order flow

We have the most market information that keeps order flow updated every time when there’s an update and keeps on tracking.

clearing technology

We work closely with NYSE and NASDAQ to provide real time clearing technology and respond quickly to market changes, adaptable and flexible controls and infrastructure enable quick response to new market opportunities, crises or regulatory changes.

Join us now and make a change of life today!




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RM06,13A/F, South Tower, World Finance Centre, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK.

A leading day trading platform, specializing in U.S. equity markets with operations worldwide.

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