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Day trading in 2020? Is day trading still possible today for income?

When day trading there are only two things that can make a trade a likely winner. One is new information that becomes available and the other is trends. Trends are real because of things like stop-loss orders people have and tendencies people have to join a rising ship or jump out of a sinking one (lots more tendencies but stuff like that).

Many smart people and machines are set up to make money from these. Is there any reason you believe you can get new information, process it, and perform buys and sells before others? If you think so you are wrong. You are disadvantaged in day trading. In terms of tendencies the same is true. You may see something like this stock tends to go up around 9:00 am or something. You are wrong and others are doing this much better; you are disadvantaged.

But because this is a game of many trades and small margins you can get the appearance of winning for a good time. Especially when you factor in the, “I’d be winning if I hadn’t held that one stock too long” effect.

There is a way that keeps you in the game and keeps you profiting from Trading in the Stock market. A few things you must search and deal with, and if you succeed with those, then come back with a gift..

Finding a genuine platform… Find one where owners are not after getting the heads of their traders…There are many un-realistic platforms out there which won´t let you make a dollar, but they are after the little money that you send on your credit card. These platforms are not actually registered to perform on the World stock market, but they are Demos which are still working out their paperwork and have no license to receive people´s winnings from the broad base center. Their owners struggle to pay to the winnings of those who win on them, and they are hoping to get more losers over a long period so that they will be able to gather enough capital to join the actual World platforms broad based payment processors. These will always work hard to make you lose..So find a platform which is Licensed, Registered with gov.t and Regulated by the right institution.

If you have comfortably found the platform, now make good use of their demo after opening your account. Learn how to drive the Market curve with all the buttons of that platform…Never go into real trading without a full understanding of reasons for which you press any buttons. If you have a choice between two good platforms, chose the one whose lowest tradable value is small enough to accommodate your small capital.

Load your Account with a good capital that you can. Always trade with not more than 2% of your capital. Any temptation to take more from the market than what your capital deserves will serve you for a short while before it destroys your account.

Don´t jump onto any trade but listen to the News and prepare your trade decisively and don´t change your mind. It's better to invest time in trades than changing your mind. Base at 2% of your capital, you will always be safe from liquidation, even from Hedge Fund drives.

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